A Celebration of Suffolk Geology

GeoSuffolk’s 10th Anniversary volume edited by Roger Dixon

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Foreword: The Earl of Cranbrook
GeoSuffolk – a decade of achievement. Compiled by Roger Dixon and Caroline and Bob Markham

Geodiversity, Suffolk: an introductory excursion. Tim D Holt-Wilson
Suffolk geology: my first impressions. Ann Ainsworth
Suffolk Geology for Children Susan Brown
The U3A in Suffolk. Derek Barbanell
A history of geoconservation in Suffolk. Jonathan G Larwood
From Pipe Rock to the Pleistocene: a working journey through the geological record. Jeff Redgrave
Life, the Universe and Sutton Knoll. Barry Hall
Remarks on Natural History in East Anglia and the Quaternary. Richard West
Prehistoric Attitudes: A Suffolk Pedigree. Steven Plunkett

Brief description of Silurian rock from the Stutton borehole. Roger Dixon
The Chalk of Suffolk Mark A. Woods, Rory N. Mortimore and Christopher J. Wood
Field Guide to the Harwich Formation and Pleistocene Deposits of Harkstead Shore. Bill George
Why look again at the Coralline Crag? Mainly a Molluscan Story. P.E.Long and J.A.Zalasiewicz
Bryozoans from the Pliocene Coralline Crag of Suffolk: a brief review Paul D Taylor & Anna B. Taylor
The Red, Norwich and Wroxham Crags of Northern Suffolk. Richard Hamblin and James Rose
An Arctic ostracod fauna from the Pre-Ludhamian (late Pliocene to early Pleistocene) Red Crag Formation at Buckanay Farm, Suffolk, England. Adrian Wood
The Chicken Pit at Sutton Knoll: Boulder Bed excavation, Preliminary Report. Ann Ainsworth and John Hudson
Biotic interaction in the Suffolk Crags. Elizabeth M Harper
Burrowing into the past: history of research on the Norwich and Weybourne Crag voles (Arvicolidae, Rodentia). David F Mayhew
The Norwich Crag geology of the country around Westleton. Howard B Mottram
Determining Macoma species from the Crag: balthica, calcarea, obliqua, or anyone for praetenuis? Peter Norton
Preglacial rivers (Thames, Bytham), palaeosols, and early humans in Suffolk, UK. James Rose, Richard Hamblin and Peter Allen.
The genesis and significance of the Middle Pleistocene glacial meltwater and associated deposits in East Anglia. P.L.Gibbard and P. van der Vegt
Deducing Glacier Behaviour in Suffolk. Peter Allen
Scandinavian Indicators in East Anglia’s “pre-Glacial” Succession Peter G. Hoare
The Palaeolithic Archaeological Record of Suffolk Simon G Lewis

Gulls of East Suffolk. Caroline Markham
The Orford Ness Shingle – Geomorphology and Geology. Christopher Green and Duncan McGregor
The Havergate Island Hydrograph Anomaly. S J Linford-Wood

A model of the Ipswich urban area: geological mapping in 3D. Steve Mathers
Two Road Embankments over Peat in East Suffolk. Peter J Cearns and Michael G Burch
The UEA series of research boreholes (1968-1970) in the pre-glacial ‘Pleistocene’ of East Anglia. Alan Lord
A Short History of Geology at Ipswich Museum. Bob Markham
Suffolk’s First Earth Scientists: Arthur Young (1741-1820) and Richard Cowling Taylor (1789-1851). Peter Banham
GeoSuffolk and building stone trails Roger Dixon
Suffolk Field Trips: how to get there, what to eat, who to eat it with and where! Bob Markham
The Pliocene Deli – a culinary trawl through the Red Crag. Roger Dixon
The GeoSuffolk Archive Collection compiled by Roger Dixon
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