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If you have something you would like to share with the members of the Suffolk Naturalists’ Society, be it a wildlife sighting, an article or even a question, we would be happy to hear from you. 

      The White Admiral newsletter is a means of communication for the Society and we would be happy to publish any piece of writing or short note that would be of considerable interest to the readers.

      We are happy to receive any piece of word processed or legibly hand-written writing and ideally contributions should be no longer than 2 A4 sheets to make sure the newsletter stays concise and flowing.

      Please submit photos, illustrations and tables (if you have them) to strengthen and support your writing. A picture tells a thousand words! All (hardcopy) illustrations will be returned. However, we cannot accept responsibility for items which are lost in transit or if they are lost / damaged during the course of printing.

      We can accept files and documents in a variety of formats but text and tables in Microsoft Office format or email and photos in Jpeg is preferable, or alternatively photos can be shared via flickr.

      Your input will vastly improve the newsletter and I look forward to hearing from you…

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